Main Screen


The row of buttons at the bottom of the main screen control log entries. During the session, the user can add entries to track hours worked and daily activities. Total hours worked are based on sign on and sign off times.

The sign on screen starts the time recording for the session. This stores the current position in both latitude and longitude, street and town, and allows the user to enter comments. The user can adjust the start time on this screen and also enter summons or warning information into the database.


The sign off screen ends the current session and allows the user to track hours by category. The pull down list in the center holds all possible time categories and a number of hours may be assigned to each category as appropriate. This feature allows the administrators to keep track of hours by category. For example, how much time was spent during a specific period on fishing, or how much time talking with local farmers. The inspection log allows the user to keep track of the number and type of inspections done.

Each category of inspection is recorded and can be totaled on a summary report along with the hours worked.


While the categories listed above are mainly associated with law enforcement, they are just rows in a database and as such can be anything. Hours can be associated with categories for many purposes, e.g. to fulfill grant requirements, to create reports to upper management, and to populate standard daily, biweekly, and/or monthly reports.