Generate and Track Summonses


During the course of the day, an agent may have the need to issue a summons for a violation of regulations. RegFinder has the ability to populate the summons with known and standard data, such as the time and place, the regulation in violation, and the agent's name and badge number.  Specific data for the summons is then added such as the name and address of the violator. This information is stored in a database for later review and possible transfer to a central summons database for the agency. The agent in the field will take the hard copy of the summons and place it in the printer and have the summons printed. The other copies of the summons can be printed then or at a later time by recalling the summons information from the database and printing the necessary forms. In addition, the agent may also add comments to his or her copy and save that information for printing at a later date. Various reports can be generated from this database. If the summons data is compiled into a central summons database, agency wide reports can be created for any purpose.