Tracking Hours Worked


As the user moves about his or her area, RegFinder will get a new GPS position every 20 seconds and place it in a file along with the current street and town. Activities are logged using the log entry buttons on the main screen. These log entries form the basis for all reports generated by RegFinder. Hours beyond the normal work week can be dealt with as overtime or comp time and a separate report can be printed for each. If there is a limit on the amount of overtime allowed then that limit is tested prior to creating an overtime report. Reports can be created to show hours worked by category, such as how many hours were spent during May 2001 on fishing for all agents. Custom reports can be created for any scenario.

A daily activity report is generated during the day as the agent is working.

Above is the daily activity log for June 30, 2001. The report displays totals of all the inspections made during the shift, total hours, and total miles driven. This can also be printed in the standard form needed by the agency.