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RegFinder is an Open Source tool, licensed under the GNU General Public License, that will assist a Law Enforcement Agent in knowing where he or she is. It uses a GPS unit to get a position and then uses that position to search its database for current laws and regulations which apply to the location.  If your organization already has laptop computers in your vehicles, RegFinder will probably work on them.  The only hardware investment you would then need would be a GPS capable of communicating with the laptop and a printer to print out summonses.

    RegFinder Functionality

  • Track hours worked
  • Log current position during the shift
  • Print out summonses
  • Store summons data for later transfer to central database
  • Look up laws and regulations
  • Determine if within 1000 feet of a school
  • Display street name, town, and county
  • Determine Areas or Zones

Since RegFinder is really a toolkit, it can be customized to do many things.  Such as:
  • Wireless communication with a central location
  • Display the location of units in the field from a central location
  • Display speed limit of current location
  • Many others...

Open Source

Since RegFinder is an Open Source tool there is no restriction on distribution and there is no per user fee.   Normally, a purchased application would cost many hundreds of dollars and have an annual maintenance fee for each unit purchased.  RegFinder doesn't cost anything. If your organization has an information technology department capable of maintaining the software, then you can download the application, under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and use it as needed.


Sprague Inc. can also supply total support for RegFinder.  There are a few ways we can help:

    View an implementation of RegFinder customized for the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, who are currently using the system.

    Please feel free to contact
    Russ Sprague  to get more informaiton.