Regulation Lookup Made Easy

A Product of Sprague Inc.


RegFinder is a computer system that assists the agent in the field in determining what regulations apply, no matter what their location. Using a GPS receiver to determine the current location, the system determines what regulations are in effect at the time and in that place. In addition, the system tracks daily hours, logs inspections, and generates all necessary reports.


General Functionality

Display Current Position

Display Regulations for Current Position

Display Current Fish and Wildlife Entity


Law Enforcement

Track Daily Activities

Generate Reports

Generate and Track Summonses

Track Hours Worked


Other Possibilities

Display things other than Fish and Wildlife Regulations



Download a copy of a RegFinder Information Sheet


Download a copy of the Power Point presentation about RegFinder given to the 57th Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY on April 23, 2001

View Display from the 58th Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference in Protland, Maine from April 21 to April 24, 2002

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